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Country Series / Acoustic Guitar Strings

Country Series / Acoustic Guitar Strings

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This set of strings is low tension and easy on your fingers.

Gauged exactly halfway between Light 12/53 and Medium 13/56:

.0125   .0165   .025   .0335   .0435   .0545

Woodtone Country Series Acoustic Guitar Strings are gauged exactly halfway between lights and mediums to give you the perfect balance of tone and feel.

This set of strings is also low tension which is easy on your guitar and on your fingers.

Woodtone® designed these strings to have a warm and natural wood tone for playing country music. This set of strings features a precision wound phosphor bronze wire that is drawn around a hexagonally shaped high-carbon steel core to maintain proper tension and balance across all strings. Each string is lightly coated to ensure maximum string life without sacrificing tone.

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