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Woodtone Strings

Nickel-Infused Low Tension / Acoustic Guitar Strings

Nickel-Infused Low Tension / Acoustic Guitar Strings

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Our Custom Nickel-Infused Alloy Blend resists corrosion and preserves tone. We guarantee these non-coated strings will last longer than other coated strings on the market (and they have amazing tone).

Gauged exactly halfway between Light 12/53 and Medium 13/56.

String Gauges: .0125 .0165 .025 .0335 .0435 .0545

Tension: Low Tension (easy on your guitar and your fingers)

String Material: Woodtone Custom Nickel-Infused Alloy Blend

String Sound: Loud, natural, and crisp tone

Made in the USA 🇺🇸

This set of strings is made with our Woodtone nickel-infused alloy blend that naturally resists corrosion, eliminating the need for a string coating. Not only will you get better tone out of a non-coated string, our custom alloy rings out with a natural and crisp tone that sounds fantastic on any acoustic guitar.

This set of strings is also low tension which is easy on your guitar and on your fingers. Learn how we adjust string tension to build strings that are less stressful on your instrument.

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